June 1, 2017 - 9:00am | Ceri Jones
Threat to dividend payouts and a stronger pound mean income investors should be looking beyond the UK.

Amazon’s Whole Foods takeover: the death knell for UK supermarket shares?

With Amazon entering the market – should investors avoid the sector?

Why I abhor poor active management

Active funds should state the margin by which they aim to beat their benchmark, says Peter Elston, CIO, Seneca Investment Management.

Death taxes still pose a threat to your wealth – here’s how to cut down your bill

As welcome as the introduction of the residential nil rate band last April was, it will not put an end to inheritance challenges.

Don’t expect drama from the German election

Continuity appears to be in store as the polls predict victory for Angela Merkel, says Sven Balzer, senior strategy manager at Coutts.

Don’t invest on your gut feeling. Here’s a better way to decide

Evidence-based investing does away with emotive decision making and focus on robust risk management, says Danielle Levy.