June 1, 2017 - 9:00am | Ceri Jones
Threat to dividend payouts and a stronger pound mean income investors should be looking beyond the UK.

Aim, total return and a fund problem

Since 5 August private investors have been able to shelter shares traded on the Alternative Investment Market in an Isa.

Better to be safe than sorry

Every year at about this time, the household insurance crops up for renewal and, as a dutiful financial journalist, I spend an evening wrestling with confused.com to ensure I’ve ‘shopped around’.

Alternatives to bonds

We examine the options for income investors looking for an escape route from bonds, as the end of QE draws closer.

US assets may get a rough ride

Our panel of experts give their latest views on the market, and the UK and Japan come out on top.

How to protect your wealth from inflation

Mark Carney’s speech on 7 August has effectively sanctioned the Bank setting a higher inflation target for the UK.