June 1, 2017 - 9:00am | Ceri Jones
Threat to dividend payouts and a stronger pound mean income investors should be looking beyond the UK.

Investing in China – is it time to quit?

China has been the growth story of the 21st century so far, taking the rest of the world by surprise with its ability to combine economic growth with social change. Investment has poured into infrastructure and industry through the stock market.

Retail bonds: secure your own stake

What is the retail bond market?

The retail bond market is an electronic platform launched by the London Stock Exchange where company and government bonds can be traded by retail investors. 

Trusts trump funds for Isas

Are you wondering where to channel your Isa this year? Perhaps you are contemplating a shift from the familiar terrain of unit trusts and open-ended investment companies to the uncharted territory of investment trusts and other closed-end investment companies? 

Income investment trust choices

New investment trust launches have been few and far between in recent years. Those that have made it out of the starting blocks have, in the main, been focused on emerging economies.

Generate income from your Isa

Money may not grow on trees, but stashing your cash in a tax-efficient Isa can generate handsome income. Helen Pridham explores different products that can help maximise returns.