Top routes to red-hot dividends: catch the April 2017 issue of Money Observer

April edition

With cash rates still painfully low and risk attached to every other option for an income from your investments, this month we focus on the various routes to a really high, sustainable income – and the potential downsides of each one.

We lead our April issue with an under-the-bonnet look at the ‘enhanced income’ funds that promise a 7 per cent payout – looking at how they work and how far they really solve the problem for income hunters. That’s followed by a round-up of other investment routes, from high-yield shares to VCTs, that can be used to produce a 7 per cent income.

The issue also includes a retirement planning special, packed with features to help you boost your pension pot before you retire, and to maximise your pension benefits after you stop work.

Elsewhere, deputy editor Kyle Caldwell talks to James Anderson, manager of the hugely successful Scottish Mortgage investment trust, the Share Sleuth portfolio achieves a 200 per cent gain since inception seven years ago, and we consider the importance of currency movements for investors in the current uncertain environment.

Finally, don’t miss the free supplement. How to Invest is designed to lead a younger generation of beginning investors through the nuts and bolts of getting started in the stock markets, with minimal jargon and maximum practical advice. It’ll be familiar stuff for Money Observer readers – but we hope you’ll pass it on to family members looking for an investment steer!

The April 2017 issue of Money Observer is on sale in shops and available digitally for subscribers now, so don't miss it.

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