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For private investors the quest for a relatively safe but meaningful yield is becoming onerous. Our Active Income portfolio, managed and constructed by David Budworth, will help you find a safer route to reaching a higher income. The portfolio's start date is 12 September 2012.

With this income-driven portfolio the primary source of any growth will be when investors reinvest dividends. But it is the size, security, and growth potential of the income stream that really matters. Growing an income is safest if it comes from a variety of sectors, and from a spread of economies.

We've assumed a £100,000 portfolio, but this can be replicated in a smaller or larger size. Prices in the table are actual market prices, and dividends will be added bi-monthly to the cash balance as they are paid. The portfolio's current holdings are detailed in the table below.

All are available at our sister website Interactive Investor. Clicking on the names for each of the securities will take you to the profile pages for each security.

You can view the most recent active income portfolio update here.

Active income portfolio trading chronology:

• 1/2/2017 bought200 Royal Dutch Shell B sares at 2223p and bought 500 Phoenix Group shares at 748.50p.

• Restated cash position is 8524.97 plus 2,789.86 divdends and proceeds of Interserve sale (3180) = £14,494.83.

• 15/11/2016 sold 1000 units of Interserve @ 318.0p

• 19/07/2016 Added 500 units of British Land @ 640.0p

• 01/06/2016 Sold 1,000 units in SSE at 1521p. Bought 5,000 units in Standard Life at 334.9p.

• 01/04/2016 Purchased 5,000 shares in Lloyds Banking Group @ 67.95p; Bought 1,000 shares in Interserve @ 436.4p; sold 5,000 shares in Foresight Solar @ 98.5p = £4,925.

• 03/12/2015 Sold holding (10,000) in Juridica for  44.5p = £4,450 - £10 dealing charge = £4,440. Loss of £6,370.

• 04/08/2015 Purchase of 200 shares in Rio Tinto for £24.71. Purchase of 3,000 shares in BlackRock Income Strategies at 135.5p.

• 04/06/2015 Sale of holding (15,434 shares) in Standard Life Property Income for £1,350 profit. Purchase of 1,000 shares in European Assets at £11.35. 

• 06/02/2015 Sale of half holding (2,000 shares) in National Grid. Purchase of 2,000 shares in British Land at 840p. 

• 01/12/2014 Sale of holding in Henderson Far East Income. Purchase of 10,000 shares in Foresight Solar at 106p. 

• 09/10/2014 Sale of 2,500 shares in Perpetual Income & Growth for 368.5p. Purchase of 15,434 shares in Standard Life Inv Property Income at 77.75p. 

• 08/8/2014 Sale of remaining 3,500 shares in Raven Russia Pfd for 142.25p; and 4,000 Raven Russia warrants at 46.5p.  

• 08/8/2014 Purchase of 5,500 shares in TwentyFour Income at 125p; and 6,500 shares in Greencoat UK Wind at 108p.

• 26/3/2014 Sale of 500 SSE (SSE) at 1,520p, leaving 1,000.

• 21/3/2014 Purchase of 3,000 Juridica Investments (JIL) at 119p.

• 6/3/2014 Sale of 3500 Raven Russia Pfd [RUSP] at 152.75p, leaving 3,500.

• 6/2/2014 Purchase of 1000 Juridica Investments Ltd [JIL] at 127.5p

• 28/11/2013 Purchase of 2000 Raven Russia warrants at 57p.

• 28/11/2013 Sold 227 Royal Mail Shares [RMG] at 560p.

• 8/10/2013 Purchase of 227 Royal Mail Shares [RMG] at 330p.

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Dividend received

In the summary table it would be useful to also see the dividend actually received for each share/unit.

Perpetual Income & Growth

Apologies, it was 335p. It's been corrected now.

Pig it

Were the Pigit shares bought at 235p or 335p

Date of inception - reply

Apologies that it doesn't say on this page when the portfolio started. The answer is 12 September 2012.

Date of inception

When was this portfolio commenced?

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